WAW COLLECTION inaugurates its collection of furnishing accessories with BE WATER Lamp, a linear and modular recessed kinetic decorative LED lamp, designed by Fernando Correa in four different color variations inspired by the four elements in nature.

Made by Italian craftsmen, BE WATER Lamp was created from the desire to arouse wonder and amazement, fundamental concepts that characterize design objects and furnishings with a strong emotional charge and that fully represent the WAW COLLECTION brand’s philosophy.

The light emitted, through refraction, passes through a unique glass cylinder that rotates on its axis by means of a motor, thus projecting floating flares of light on the surfaces.

The resulting effect is that of the reflections of sunlight that reflects on the surface of moving water and is projected onto walls, boats’ keels or under bridges. The shape processing of the glass cylinder, the main element of the lamp, is completely handmade and determines the uniqueness and unrepeatability of each product. First water, then fire with the ardor of its flames, air represented by the phenomenon of the northern lights and finally earth inspired by a lavender field of Provence, are the different color variations thanks to an accessory filter that can be applied directly on the aluminum base.

Each natural element is also represented by an exclusive fragrance, supplied within the packaging of the lamp, together with a QRcode to connect to a recommended relaxation music playlist for a complete multisensory experience.

A window to the outside world that invites a contemplation and meditation moment, to linger and to reflect where light and its suggestions are the protagonists.

Nature thus becomes indoor, it comes to life within the environment, awakening the senses and psychophysical balance, transmitting feelings of well-being that involves the body and mind.

A moving light effect emitted by a hidden body that transforms and characterizes the surrounding environment, capable to be adapted within the world of wellness, hotels, restaurants, suitable for reception and waiting areas.

BE WATER Lamp and its chromatic variations BE FIRE, BE AIR, BE EARTH are able to create a sensorial experience within the environment that hosts it, inviting you to immerse yourself completely in the contemplative suggestions of relaxation and well-being.