BE WATER Lamp is a multi-awarded recessed kinetic decorative LED lamp, designed by Fernando Correa creative director of WAW COLLECTION.

The light emitted by the lamp, through refraction, passes through the deformed borosilicate glass cylinder that rotates on its axis by means of a motor and thus projects upward fluctuating flares of light in continuous movement. The final effect is that of sunlight reflections which, breaking on the surface of the water, create dancing optical games on the surfaces they touch.

The lamp consists of a motor block unit, an anodized aluminum base support module with LED light source and one of cylindrical borosilicate glass with an irregular surface handmade, which makes each product different and unique. To create the desired effect, it is necessary to insert it inside a luminous groove grazing the wall.

The packaging includes a room fragrance and a QR Code from which you can listen to four recommended relaxing music playlists, inspired by the physical and alchemical element of the water and other natural elements. These complements are proposed to offer a multisensory experience.

BE WATER Lamp can be purchased from a minimum of one to a maximum of five modules per motor, depending on the desired length.

It’s more than a lamp, it’s an experience


I find inspiration in everyday life, many things inspire me in nature and the simplest things attract me. I’ve always been attracted by the soothing and hypnotic effect the sunlight reflected on the moving surface of water makes against vertical walls specially under bridges.


It is the same effect we see on the sides of the boats when in a certain hour of the day the sun rays bounce on the sea and dance on its hull.


Just as the waves in an ocean wash continuously back and forth the sand on the beaches.


The challenge was to create a kinetic lamp that reminds us of water without it. Creating the same reflection effect can be made also by refraction. I did several experiments using bottles, glass, acrylic searching the right effect.


This effect can be created with projections but the problem is to prevent the shadows of people. So it is necessary to reduce the distance between source and target to prevent this. I figured out a cylinder was the shape we needed. The round surface would repeat itself turning on its central axis and could be placed along a wall, giving us continuity.


An irregular surface of a glass cylinder was created just like the moving water surface.

We came up with a recessed lamp within a light cove. It is a linear modular LED lamp. One single motor can rotate a glass cylinder, or two, or three… up to five, with traction. Achieving any wall length.
BE WATER is a decorative lamp that transmits the sense of water, as reflected waves are projected onto a wall. When you stare at it, your mind concentrates on the movement and follows it, when out comes another movement repeating itself… conveying a sense of relaxation and well-being.


First WATER, then FIRE with the ardor of its flames, AIR represented by the phenomenon of the northern lights and finally EARTH inspired by lavender fields in Provence, are the different color variations thanks to an accessory filter that can be applied directly on the aluminum base.

Click on the images below to see the movement of the lamp with a selected soundtrack.

Each natural element is also represented by an exclusive fragrance, supplied within the packaging of the lamp, together with a QRcode to connect to a recommended relaxation music playlist for a complete multisensory experience.

light up your senses


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A moving light effect emitted by a hidden body that transforms and characterizes the surrounding environment, capable to be adapted within the world of wellness, hotels, restaurants, suitable for reception and waiting areas.

We are happy and glad to introduce you a WAW COLLECTION production.

Short-film series

Four chapters, four stages of life, four memories that re-emerge, for four are the essential elements that inspire the standard collection of BE WATER lamp: Water,  Fire,  Air  and  Earth.

Even if what we see is a dance of light, it can make the most powerful emotion re-emerge through our senses.


Technical data

Materials: anodized aluminum sheet, folded galvanized sheet, deformed glass cylinder and acrylic

LED Light sources:

2.700 °K (warm), 9.6 W, CRI 90, 775 lm

3.000 °K (warm white), 9.6 W, CRI 90, 864 lm

4.000 °K (cool white), 9.6 W, CRI 90, 900 lm

IP20 for dry environments or IP44 for humid environments

Power supply:

– 220-230 Vac, 50 Hz
– 115 Vac, 60 Hz

A: Motor block unit
B: Base support module with light source
C: Cylindrical glass with irregular surface
D: BE FIRE, BE AIR, BE EARTH colored filters in acrylic (accessories not included)


WW1:  Main module
(L: 850 mm – 33.46 “)
– 2700 K, 16.6 W, 775 lm
– 3000 K, 16.6 W, 864 lm
– 4000 K, 16.6 W, 900 lm

WW2:  Main module + 1 Additional module
(L: 1640 mm – 64.57 “)
– 2700 K, 26.2 W, 1550 lm
– 3000 K, 26.2 W, 1728 lm
– 4000 K, 26.2 W, 1800 lm

WW3:  Main module + 2 Additional modules
(L: 2430 mm – 95.67 “)
– 2700 K, 35.8 W, 2325 lm
– 3000 K, 35.8 W, 2592 lm
– 4000 K, 35.8 W, 2700 lm

WW4:  Main module + 3 Additional modules
(L: 3220 mm – 126.77 “)
– 2700 K, 45.4 W, 3100 lm
– 3000 K, 45.4 W, 3456 lm
– 4000 K, 45.4 W, 3600 lm

WW5:  Main module + 4 Additional modules
(L: 4010 mm – 157.87 “)
– 2700 K, 55.0 W, 3875 lm
– 3000 K, 55.0 W, 4320 lm
– 4000 K, 55.0 W, 4500 lm







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