WAW COLLECTION presents BE AETHER, The Fifth Element. Powered by The Original BE WATER Lamp designed by Fernando Correa

About this event

“The attributes of Aether are impossible to express, because of its nature, being beyond expression. To try to quantify it would be unlimited and it is unlimited.

Perhaps one way to think of it would be to imagine a canvas and upon this campus, there is a painting, the various shades and textures: Though we would look at the painting and admire the skill and expression we know it cannot exist without the canvas, such as the case with Aether which holds everything we know into position.

Just as silence is the mother of sound and always pregnant with it, Aether is the mother of life and all dimensions of it.

It does not discriminate, it has no limits, no boundaries and though can never be perceived, nor conceived, can be activated and potentiated and when experienced can change the nature of our lives forever.”

– Benjamin Cooley

WATER was the first element to inspire Fernando Correa, Creative Director of WAW COLLECTION to design a linear modular kinetic decorative lamp named BE WATER Lamp.

In a second phase, the elements FIRE, AIR and EARTH inspired the chromatic variations that followed.

In this Milan Design Week 2021, we are pleased to present BE AETHER a light installation inspired by the ancestor of all elements, the Aether (Aakash).

As Benjamin Cooley mentions in his text, describing the nature of the Eather is almost impossible due to its alchemical principle of emptiness (It’s all in all – é tutto in tutto).

In collaboration with Red Lab Gallery, we host a photographic exhibition of Beba Stoppani.

Our task is to narrate, to amaze, to excite. Surround yourself with WAW.

The Original BE WATER LAMP